Welcome to the fictional town of KUMAGAI, JAPAN. In this town, there are two high schools with an intense rivalry and one university that brings these two together as one. The first high school is KIMURA PREP, an all boys preparatory. Their rival school is the all girls academy known as BROOKDALE ACADEMY. Once graduating, the students move on to the co-ed OSHIRO UNIVERSITY. But even so, the high school rivalries aren't the only rivalries or issues in this small town.

Ever had things happen that you couldn't explain? Whether it be to yourself or to a close person you know? Ever wondered what that rustle in the bushes were, or why some people's eyes change colors? There is one word to answer all the questions you can ask: supernatural. Yes, Kumagai has supernatural beings that live with the humans/mortal beings. They attend school like everyone else and go through their daily lives. Everyone is aware of the supernaturals in the town, though supernaturals are discouraged from using their powers publicly unless deemed appropriate. Sometimes it's hard to tell who is supernatural and who's a normal human..


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Unfortunately HMAH has come to close. The site had a nice run while it lasted. It just never took off and no one seemed to really have time busy with life, which happens. The site has no plans to reopen, considering this is it's second opening. If you need to contact me, Captain, I am often on aim: turnupforskylar. If you ever want to build a site or have one that you think I should join. I would love to assist any of you. Thank you to everyone who took part in HMAH. Especially the lovely staff team of Kuri, Laf, & Anon. You three were amazing in pulling the site together. Thank you to the dedicated members especially Whisp & Tiggy who kept the c-box lively. I am sincerely sorry to have to close down HMAH. Also if there is any stuff you need to get off HMAH you can contact any staff member (i listed my aim above) and we will get it for you.

Again. Thank you for the run. It was wonderful while it lasted. Feel more than welcome to message me on aim anytime just to chat. About anything that is on your mind weather it is a site related thing or not. Weather its serious or not. I truly appreciate all of you and thank you for helping with the site.
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